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Why Realtors?

Savvy, smart and successful realtors, like you, know how to leverage a great coach to navigate the daily and yearly demands.  Great habits, thoughts and actions lead to joyful health and wealth, and poor choices can create resentment and ruin careers. 

My unique systems help busy stressed out realtors, feel energized, inspired, calm, motivated and alive –  and joyful!  It sounds like a fantasy to actually have it all, but after years of academic research in neuroscience, psychology, nutrition, and optimal fitness performance, adult education, leadership, sales, and marketing, I turned this research into practical knowledge for real world players. (A.K.A. skills you can use in your everyday life that help you focus and simplify.  

You will learn to tap into what works for you to achieve your healthiest and wealthiest life. The foundations that support this transformation are: 

  • Physical wellbeing – We provide our bodies with the proper balance of nutritional tools and movement. Most people are deficient in multiple areas, which results in one form or another of dis-ease. We improve everything from sleep and mood, to immune function, and sexuality. Our bodies need the proper balance of nutritional tools, and movement. 
  • Business and social– 90% of our thoughts are about our relationship to others. We cultivate a healthy give-and-take between ourselves and the people in our lives is key. We take a look at unresolved conflict and disconnection that are contributors to stress, and more importantly how to move forward to healthier choices.
  • Creativity and mindset – The conscious mind is actually a very small part of our awareness. Harnessing the subtle power of the subconscious significantly influences our ability to relax into our innate creativity and inspiration. This connection to the greater whole fills known and unknown voids. 

Join me on the journey to your GOALS WITH SOUL!  

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