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 Sarah is AMAZING! She will hone in on exactly what you need!  I have received an overall transformation.  Sarah's coaching strategies are like no other. She will give you the tools you need to excel in all aspects of your life. I highly recommend Sarah Elizabeth to anyone who is looking not only to grow their business but also their mind body and spirit.

Smart, Funny, Positive and Qualified. She will improve all aspects of life. She brings a invaluable influence to your overall well being. Forget the Stress and Focus on the direction you're headed. From lifestyle planning to Sales strategies. The confusion of a hectic life seems to fall into place. I for one recommend her to any busy professional that's needing a fresh start with your health business and spirit.


One Sunday afternoon I was googling business coaches but secretly hoping to find someone who could also help me with general health, spiritual, and personal development. When I received a friend request the VERY next day from a woman who does precisely what I described above and also happens to share my name Sarah Elizabeth- I knew it was far too coincidental to actually be a coincidence (thank you amazing universe!)

Over the past two months of working closely with Sarah Elizabeth Latham I have made significant strides in launching my new real estate tech company (details coming soon!) as well as working through thought patterns that have kept me stuck (and in general on my own personal development). THANK YOU Sarah for rocking my life (or rather- helping me to rock my own life in the moment I most need it). 

 Why am I living the best life ever at 52 years old?  My habit-changing/transformation coach, Sarah!  

I came to Sarah under the guise of seeking health and wellness advice regarding women’s issues, genetic testing, etc.  And, I had no clues what I was about to embark upon!   Sarah quickly realized that I was suffering from a classic case of being “stuck.”  I was stuck in a cycle of weight loss and weight gain juggling the same 25-30 pounds every year or two.  I was “too busy” to fit in meal planning or exercise.  I was stuck in a vicious burn out cycle with my real estate career.  In spite of a thriving referral business, healthy income and leadership opportunities at every turn, I was sizzling into a crispy point of no return.

The first idea/suggestion/command that she gave to me was to start juicing—green juicing to be exact and it was a non-negotiable.  I jumped in my car with total excitement and raced 30 miles down the road to the nearest juicing bar.  Thrilling!  And, we kept adding one more healthy thing, one more healthy habit, one more, one more.  Adding new and forcing out the old habits that were causing harm or no longer working.  How do I feel today?  Exhilarated!  Energetic!  Empowered!  I know that I look and feel better now than I have in a decade. 

One of Sarah’s many gifts is listening without judgment.  I don’t know how she does it.  When it comes to coaching me, she is gentle when needed and firm when needed.  I have been in business and life coaching programs for the better part of 12 years.  Sarah surprises me with new ideas, tools and choices every time we meet.  Most of the time I don’t even realize that we are making changes or improvements—it’s really subtle at times.  Sarah has amazing insight.  Highly intelligent and highly trained and highly skilled, Sarah was made for this role.  She is a natural and she LOVES what she does.  I can hear it in her voice every time we speak. 

Sarah is the real deal.  Sarah just took it all to the next level.

One of the greatest tools she has given me is the gift of my creativity.  I actually had it all along, we all do, but mine was buried way deep down inside.  The first time we even tried to talk about letting my mind think of the infinite possibilities, I actually cried when I realized how long I had been pushing it down.  I was frozen!  It’s an amazing tool and I use it every day now.

Sarah’s expertise, tools we have been working with and other notes:

  • boundaries
  • in depth knowledge of how our brains work
  • knows the real estate business and what challenges we face
  • working on my true “avatar” so that I can continue to attract the best kind of business for me
  • fuel, movement
  • in depth nutritional knowledge
  • focusing on the game I am winning—the helpful and the not so helpful!
  • going deep to the possibilities and asking the big questions which have subsequently helped me make big decisions and then subsequently made dramatic (and subtle) positive changes in my work, health, and state of well being.
  • Said yes to:  an Improv class, stepping down from high pressure leadership position that was not getting me anywhere or adding to my life, moving to a new town, building a new home, more time with my husband, focusing on me first, removing shame (still working on this)
  • a new kind of journal and a new way of thinking about journaling
  • always seeking, reading, researching, growing—she never stops, is the perpetual learner
  • funny, quick-witted, intelligent
  • I always look forward to the next session
  • accountable, flexible, rational, current
  • relatable, approachable
  • fearless, open, risk taker